Kris Monson Photo

Kris started practicing yoga at The Monon Community Center over 10 years ago. At first it was all about the workout; how hard it was, how many calories she could burn, how much she could sweat in an hour. Over time her mindset shifted, and it became a practice, not a workout. Intrigued with this shift she embarked on yoga teacher training. Today Kris has her RYT 500 certification, completing her RYT 200 training November of 2017 and her RYT 300 training December of 2020. 

Yoga, for Kris, is a way to live her life. It is being present, meeting people where they are, and not judging. She approaches each of her classes with a servant heart and a win/win attitude. She wants each of her students to feel successful regardless of where they are on their yoga journey.