Appropriate for all levels of experience, viniyoga is a therapeutic yoga practice that benefits every student. The repeated movements of this yoga style release tension in the upper, middle, and lower back and focus on relaxing the neck and shoulders. Every student is able to discover movements that benefit their body. Many students report a release of stress and a general sense of serenity and peace after the practice of viniyoga at Dragonfly 360 Yoga & Wellness.

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Based on the traditional style of yoga, hatha incorporates different techniques of directional breathing (pranayama), meditation, and a smooth sequencing of postures (asanas). Classes begin with several minutes of meditation and pranayama to calm and center the mind. The practice includes gentle to deep stretches at the start, progressing in a manner that offers many poses together in the seated, reclined, prone, and standing positions. Hatha builds warmth and strength incrementally in the body by slowly inviting the muscles and connective tissues to respond. Reaching the final resting posture of savasana — the bliss state of yoga (also known as the 8th limb) — and feeling relaxed from the energizing effects of the practice is the goal.

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Yin yoga is a practice that benefits the joints and connective tissues of the body with long, steady holds of poses. The student is asked to come into the posture and relax the muscles and is then invited to hold the pose for several minutes. Yin yoga is a slow and deliberate practice and is a wonderful complement to the quick, fast-paced, energetic (yang) systems of yoga. All levels of experience are welcome.

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In this gentle, all-levels practice, Dragonfly 360’s team of yoga instructors will explore a variety of dynamic and static yoga postures that increase flexibility, enhance relaxation, and recharge the spirit. Props are an integral part of restorative yoga, allowing the body to be supported in ways that allow it to “melt” into a posture. We will also hold many postures for several minutes at a time, connecting with the breath and encouraging the release of chronically tight areas of the body. Other techniques we will explore include visualization, guided meditation, and breathing techniques for relaxation and stress relief. No prior yoga experience is necessary for this class, and it is suitable for practice following your favorite morning yoga session.

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Vinyasa is an ideal moderate-level yoga style — connecting the postures (asanas) with breath-synchronized movements and building a great deal of beneficial heat. A special audible & focusing breath (ujjayi) is used to flow through the practice. The term vinyasa refers to the way this style keeps you moving from asana to asana — linking each pose to an inhale and an exhale. This therapeutic yoga style is sometimes also called flow yoga because of the smooth way that the poses run together and become like a dance.

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Hatha is an old system that includes the practice of yoga postures (asanas) and yoga breathing exercises (pranayama) — helping bring peace to the mind and body and preparing students for deeper spiritual practices such as meditation. When combined with vinyasa, hatha-based postures (asanas) are intensified with a special audible & focusing breath (ujjayi) as you flow through the practice. This style is relatively gentle, slow, and great for beginners or moderate level students who prefer a more relaxed style where they hold poses longer. All levels of experience are welcome.

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