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Throughout her varied career, Lisa Berry has worn myriad (and some quite stylish) hats! From her beginnings in public policy—including service in the White House as the Executive Director of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sport--, to a longstanding background in yoga instruction and massage therapy, to her well-known yoga-inspired clothing business (Love Your Body,) Lisa has always prioritized one thing: helping others to feel wonderful!

Having recently left the clothing business to focus on providing life-enhancing services (versus “things,”) Lisa currently offers massage therapy services for relaxation and stress/pain relief at Dragonfly 360, as well at-home wardrobe consultations focused on simplifying, streamlining, and minimizing.

Her current services speak to Lisa’s self-described expertise as a “Life Improvement Specialist.” She has trained in and worked extensively with multiple massage modalities (including Swedish, Deep Tissue and Hot Stone massage,) and graduated from one of the country’s most prestigious massage therapy schools in Arizona, the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, where she also completed extensive training in life coaching.

Lisa also has a large portfolio of clients with whom she has worked to create more quality time and space in their lives by streamlining their wardrobes. She offers everything from style consultations, to closet minimizing services, to minimalist suitcase capsules for individuals on the go. An “aspiring minimalist” herself, Lisa frequently posts videos to her YouTube channel and content to her “Zero Waste Closet” blog pertaining to the art and joy of paring down.

A New Mexico native, Lisa currently resides in Carmel with her husband, three children, and four puppies. She and her husband met through ballroom dancing and hold the 2007 World Championship title in the International Standard division of the World Pro-Am Championships.

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