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“I have become a true believer in NAET therapy as a result of my experience with Dr. Melanie. My body’s intelligence along with Dr. Melanie’s intuition, experience, and knowledge has helped me tremendously with emotional, digestive, and inflammation issues. I believe the practitioner is as important as the NAET therapy itself, and Dr. Melanie is exceptional.”


“I had struggled with sinus problems every year, and my job entails a lot of air travel which was very uncomfortable. In working with Dr. Melanie on nutrition, herbs, and breathing techniques, my sinuses have improved greatly. This has not only improved my overall health but also has reduced my stress level. And I now have no issues when I travel.”


“My daughter was suffering from migraines, hives, and focus issues. Dr. Melanie discovered that she had an allergy to wheat as well as many other food sensitivities. Since doing NAET, my daughter is hive and migraine free, and she is able to focus on her school work.”


“I really enjoyed Dr. Melanie and the gentle yoga class! I didn’t want to have to tackle my to do list when class was over. It was a great way to start my day! She was very thorough in explaining what we were doing and why. She is a great encourager and often reminds that small movements were most important (aka don’t fight your body). She had different levels of difficulty as well. I did some poses that I have never done before, and she even said that one of them is great for runners with knee problems. I feel like I am standing and sitting taller/straighter because of the class. The difference between doing a video and going to a class is having an instructor make any adjustments of your poses.”