Dr. Melanie works to offer you relief from your symptoms with a homeopathic or herbal remedy while treating the root cause of your illness. This follows the second principle of naturopathic medicine,Tolle Causam, which translates to identify and treat causes. Symptoms will return unless the root illness is addressed. Rather than cover up symptoms, finding and treating the cause of these symptoms leads to long term wellness.

Your first appointment with Dr. Melanie is a 45-60 minute long session and typically includes:

  • Review of your intake form and discussion of areas of need in more detail.  It is important to look at all areas of your life including diet, stress, exercise, and work and living environment.
  • Review of current labs. If needed, lab orders for blood, saliva, stool, urine testing.
  • Your appointment may include acupressure treatment such as Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) – a simple, effective system of testing the bio-energetic status of the body’s key organs and glands using the body’s acupuncture reflex points – or a NAET (gentle, allergy treatment) session.
  • Recommendations and a plan for lifestyle changes and/or supplements that may aid you.

Call (317) 344-9840 to schedule an appointment and be on your way to relief and healing. Together, you and Dr. Melanie, will create a holistic plan which may include lifestyle changes, detoxification, natural remedies, and stress reduction.

Please bring all supplements you are currently taking to the appointment as well as recent lab results.

We have a 48-Hour Cancellation Policy.