Free Yoga Classes with Mike Camp

Date / Time: Sunday, July 9, 9:30am & Thursday, July 13, 6pm
Cost: FREE 
No Pre-Registration Required

Our instructors use traditional yoga practices for the specific purpose of healing and is geared to the individual needs of the student. At Dragonfly 360 Yoga & Wellness in Indianapolis, we offer yoga sessions that bring balance to the body and mind through gentle movements with the breath. The body becomes equally strong and flexible, and the mind becomes peaceful and calm.

Complimentary Aromatherapy Class

Date / Time:Thursday, Monday, July 10, 12-1pm
Cost: Complimentary – No Pre-Registration Required

Join Dr. Melanie MacLaren, ND RYT in her aromatherapy class.

Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic plant oils, including essential oils, for psychological and physical well-being. Because essential oils are composed of the tiniest of organic molecules, they can pass through cell walls and membranes delivering therapeutic benefits not only to the plants that create them, but to people as well. At Dragonfly 360 Yoga & Wellness in Indianapolis, we offer aromatherapy sessions that can help you obtain a healthy balance.

Yoga in the Courtyard with Olga Keegan

Date / Time:Friday, July 14, 6:30-7:45pm
Cost:$20/person – Pre-registration required.

Rain or Shine. All levels welcome.

Live Music with The Fab Too Beatles Cover Band

Enjoy the best things of summer: sunshine, live music, friends, family, & yoga.

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Book a 1-hour Massage in July and Win a Prize!

Date / Time: Book in July
Cost: Request Appointment for More Info

Example Giveaways include: $20 off detox program, 50% off a supplement purchase (single item), Free Lemon or Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Free Acupressure Treatment

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Chair Massages with Rob Jones

Date / Time: Monday, July 10 & Tuesday, July 11
Cost: $1 per minute

Dragonfly 360 offers clinically focused massage therapy specializing in chronic conditions and rehabilitation massages. Our personalized services rely on a combination of deep tissue massage, kinesiotherapy, cranial-sacral massage, and Thai stretching techniques to help ease pain and increase mobility.