We all have days where we have not felt like ourselves. I refer to this as “being in a funk”. Do you notice this right away or does someone else point it out to you? Do you have “go to” tools that help you get through this?

For me it is about giving myself quiet time for reflection and meditation. I recently had a day like this where I woke up irritated for no reason. I found a quiet spot to practice my meditation and pranayama (breathing techniques). I struggled to quiet my mind and focus on my breath. After 20 minutes of wrestling with my thoughts I gave up. I decided at this point that I needed to go to plan B and attend a yoga class. On the way to my class I was talking to my friend and fellow yogi,Jennifer Roberts. I was explaining to her my “funk” status and that I was not doing myself or my family any favors by staying in this state. So I was taking myself to a yoga class to “de-funk”. She said it was nice that I had the awareness to notice that I was not myself and that it was analogous to Otis on The Andy Griffith Show locking himself up in jail when he drank too much. He knew that he (and the rest of the town) would be better off. After I laughed at this analogy, I got to thinking that she was right about self-awareness being a gift and the importance of it. Learning to listen to my body is something that I continue to work on everyday through my daily yoga practice of meditation and pranayama. Our bodies will tell us what they need if we can learn to listen. My intention that day for my yoga practice was for everyone to have this self-awareness. As I moved with my breath through the class an image of Otis flashed in my mind, I smiled and I felt my “funk” lift.