Looking back at my own healing process I am able to understand the koshas or layers of yoga. The koshas of yoga give us a structure to understand ourselves and others, and provide a map to follow deeply and safely into our true nature. The 5 koshas are annamaya (physical), pranamaya (energetic), manomaya (mental), vijnanamaya (intellectual), and anandamaya (bliss). We are multi-layered, multi-dimensional beings encompassing body, mind, thoughts, emotions, wisdom, and bliss.

When patients come to me I see them as multi-layered beings. Many, when they first come, feel so bad that they don’t have the strength or vitality to make changes in their lives. We look at the physical imbalances by doing labs and reviewing results. Often times when they see that their is a physical reason for the way they feel they are relieved. I then offer ways to support them physically with nutrition and supplements.

With this pysical support they start to feel some improvement. I then may incorporate breathing techniques, essential oils, QRA, or NAET to support them energetically.
Moving into the mental layer they are supported with positive affirmations to help them believe that they can be well again. Many times when a patient comes to see me they have already been to many doctors so they may not believe that they can feel better.

I believe the intellectual layer is where they start to reconnect with their self.  They are able to listen to the signals from their body. i.e. – noticing if they eat something that is bad for them.

They are feeling better physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically.
Our bliss layer is feeling connected to others or something greater than ourselves. This may mean life changes for them. Following their heart and living their bliss.

Experiencing the koshas allowed me to discover my bliss and become a naturopathic doctor and yoga teacher. I am grateful for that but mostly I am grateful that I see my clients as more than just physical beings and that I can help them experience their own koshas.