As I gear up for my quarterly detoxification I reflect on a time when I didn’t understand detoxification and I am thankful that when I started my healing process I worked with a naturopathic doctor. I am always excited when someone comes to me and is ready to detoxify. They are being proactive with their health and subscribing to one of the six principles of naturopathic doctors which is to prevent illness. However they may be somewhat disappointed when I recommend that their digestive and urinary systems need to be working properly prior to starting their program. Starting a cleanse prior to this would just move the toxins around if the bowels and kidneys are not able to release them. It is also important to know that if your adrenals are stressed some detoxification programs can tax them further perhaps making you more tired.

That being said, I have seen wonderful things happen to people after cleansing including increased energy, metabolism, and mental clarity. I typically recommend that people do a detox once a quarter with the change of the seasons. Even if we eat a healthy diet and remove the chemicals from our body care and cleaning products we are still exposed to environmental toxins on a daily basis. This can potentially cause a myriad of problems such as brain fog, fatigue, or chronic illness. By detoxifying we can support our organs in facing these everyday toxins. It is important for our entire body but especially our digestive organs, liver, gallbladder, and kidneys.  In particular, the liver aids in transforming toxic substances into harmless agents and the blood carries wastes to the kidneys for elimination.  The liver also dumps wastes through the bile into the intestines, where waste is eliminated. (Your liver cleans your entire blood volume every three minutes and your kidneys filter your entire blood volume about 30 times a day.)

Now would be a great time to give yourself the gift of a personalized detoxification program. Contact me to start working on your plan.