“Reiki is a key that opens the door to your heart and helps you heal your life.” – Marsha Burack, author of Reiki: Healing Yourself and Others

What Is Reiki?

Reiki, pronounced “ray-key” is comprised of two Japanese words, “rei” – translates as universal, God, Spirit, Divine, love, consciousness, a higher being or power. “Ki” is the life force energy or life-giving energy. Therefore Reiki is most simply translated as universal life force energy, or spiritually guided life force energy. 

As a master Reiki practitioner, I guide a Reiki session by engaging the recipient’s energy through breathing techniques, hand gestures, subtle movement, and various other ways to allow the receiver to heal themselves through their own pure life force energy.

A Brief History:

Mikao Usui (1865-1926), a Japanese man, was the first to discover and develop the practice and systems of Reiki healing. Usui was born into a samurai family and his teachings and personal practice influenced some of the spiritual and energetic elements arts. 

Hawayo Takata (1900-1980), born in Hawaii, was the first to bring Reiki to the United States. She had been diagnosed with several illnesses and was about to have surgery when her doctor told her about Reiki. After 6 months of treatments in Japan, she was completely healed of her illnesses. She then learned Reiki and began training people when she moved back to the United States. 

What is the energy?

The energy in a Reiki session is from your own body, or the energy thatis already inside each and every one of us. Everything we know of in this world is made up of energy in some form of matter or radiation. We have electrical currents moving through our veins, blood, organs, and nervous systems constantly.

The energy in our bodies in constantly moving and changing from the food and drink we ingest, to the physical movement our bodies make, to our day to day interactions with other people and activities. The electrical energy fields in the human body are detected by electrocardiograms, which measures the heart’s electrical current.  This current is detected everywhere in the body, even the feet. We are all walking, breathing, beautiful electrical energy fields.

What can be treated with Reiki?

In short, anything! Reiki has helped people overcome physical pain, emotional, or mental issues, and proclaimed spiritual awakening. Reiki has helped virtually every known illness, injury, and emotional challenge including, cancer, heart disease, AIDS, asthma, cuts, addictions, depression, etc. 

Pain is often reduced or entirely relieved.  Blood receives more oxygen.  Wounds heal quicker and so much more. Nearly every Reiki receiver has felt more relaxed and less stressed. Nearly 80% of diseases and illnesses are stemmed from stress; therefore Reiki as a form of healing is not to be underestimated. Results can vary from client to client but in general the more Reiki someone receives the better she/he will feel.

Danielle Wolter Nolan is a certified yoga instructor, Thai masseuse, and Reiki master. Danielle loves reconnecting people back to themselves, building confidence and empowerment through the powerful beauty of Mother Nature. She and her wife, Kate, own an adventure company, DNK Presents and reside in Indianapolis.