As I was driving to work this morning, I turned on my radio which is a rare occurrence. In the noisy, busy world we live in I enjoy all the silent moments I can get. I practice mindfulness in my car by just focusing on driving and trying to keep my mind quiet. When I turned on the radio this morning I was just enjoying the music and not thinking of anything else. It was almost as if it was my first time hearing music. I was really appreciating it. I wasn’t thinking of what I had to do when I got to the office or what I had to do later that day. I did have one thought that popped into my head and that was that mindfulness can sometimes sound like work and perhaps unpleasant. Such as; “Stay in the present moment”, “Focus on the task at hand,” or “Be in silence.”

I teach my clients about being mindful. I want them to get to the point where they can feel the effects of something they eat or drink that does not agree with their body so they will make better choices. It does take practice and work to get to this point. In the long run, it should not be all of these negative thoughts in their head constantly telling them what they can and cannot do. I teach them to enjoy a piece of fruit or vegetable experiencing all of the tastes. Like you have tasted it for the first time. Or to find a part of the stressful job that they enjoy and experience it fully. Mindfulness should not be about limitations. It should be about enjoying the moment you are in.