All you have to do is follow the breath.  How hard can it be, right?  

“I’m soooo uncomfortable.  I’ll never be able to sit like that.  My thoughts are running everywhere!  Oh shoot!  I forgot to put bread on the grocery list.  Do I have to chant?  In a foreign language??  But they kicked me out of choir in third grade.  I hope my pastor doesn’t find out I’m meditating.  Whoever started this meditation stuff must have had nothing else to do.  I am waaay too busy.  Forget it.”   

Do any of those thoughts ever cross your mind?  Oh yeah.  And still you crave a greater sense of peace, focus, stillness, in your life.  If you’ve been looking for a place to ask questions and get some advice on how to start a meditation practice, this workshop might be just the ticket.  

Join Krista Wright as she guides you into finding your own comfortable seat – on the floor, lying down, or in a chair, introduces basic breathing and stress reduction techniques, gives some historical context for the practice, presents resources for further reading and sources for meditation supplies, and demystifies basic terms and techniques like, mantra, mala, and pranayama. 

Everyone will get one on one help as well as short, guided practice times with different styles of meditation.  

We all have to start somewhere.  Let’s begin together!


Introduction to Meditation: Saturday, May 18, 2:00-3:30pm. $35/person. Sign Up