Fever Fighters


The human body is amazing! I love learning about it and discovering how to work with it to ease issues, especially when chronic health conditions are at play. As a homeopathic doctor, I team up with natural bodily functions to increase healthy responses and decrease symptoms associated with illness. A natural survival technique that homeopathic doctors consider to be one of the most important natural defense mechanisms against viruses is a fever. During a fever, interferon, an antiviral chemical, is released and T-cells and B-cells increase. 

How Do T-Cells and B-Cells Fight Fevers?

Helper T-Cells

These cells are the drivers and coordinators of immune defense. They activate B-Cells and Killer T-Cells.

Killer T-Cells

These cells specialize in attacking and killing cells infected by viruses and possibly bacteria.


These cells search for substances called antigens that have stimulated the immune response. B-cells divide and produce antibodies that will directly: 

  • Destroy antigens
  • Neutralize toxins 
  • Incapacitate viruses

Fever Fighters

A fever is a call of duty for these cells and instead of suppressing fevers, homeopathic medicine supports the fever response to enhance the natural healing.

Disease symptoms can be alleviated by small doses of substances that produce similar symptoms in healthy people. Homeopathic medicines are therapeutically active micro-doses of mineral, botanical and biological substances. 

An example of an effective homeopathic remedy for the flu is Oscillococcinum. Unlike many other homeopathic medicines that are made from plants or minerals, Oscillococcinum is made from the heart and liver of a duck. Ducks carry influenza viruses in their digestive tracts. This small dose of influenza can help initiate natural healing responses. It is most effective within 48 hours of flu-like symptoms.

Suppressing fevers also suppresses the good things that come with it, like interferon, T-cells, and B-cells. Working with natural responses can yield much more positive results, like quicker recovery and more manageable symptoms.  

As always with any illness or fever, work with your medical practitioner.

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