Digestion is an important process in our overall health due to the absorption of nutrients which our cells, tissues and organs depend on to function fully. And if we do not have proper elimination of waste we could develop toxic build up in our intestines which can stress the immune system and create health problems.  The intestinal tract is the largest organ in the immune system.

The stomach, small intestine and large intestine, liver, pancreas and gallbladder (with other accessory organs) all play a vital role in digestion. These organs function in both chemical and mechanical processes. Enzymes are utilized to break down and assimilate food and the muscles are used to churn food and to move it along our digestive tract. The term probiotic refers to the good bacteria that are similar to those normally found in the colon. 70% of our immune system comes from these beneficial bacteria. Probiotics also help us manufacture vitamins and prevent harmful organisms from making a home in your digestive system.

Typically there are three issues that effect the digestion. Slow transit time, lack of enzymes, or lack of probiotics. Ideally you want to be having a bowel movement after each meal. The lack of enzymes or probiotics may be the cause for slow transit time or it may be dehydration, poor diet (which leads to low fiber), or a need to detoxify.


Please work with your health practitioner before adding supplements. If you would like help with improving your digestion please call Dr. Melanie at (317) 344-9840.