Katie Smith

Almost every chronic health issue is due to inflammation.  As a naturopathic doctor, it’s my job to find the root cause of this inflammation. 

Many people don’t even notice their inflammation responses because they don’t fully know what it feels like to not have inflammation.  I have been recommending the Paleo Diet for years because it removes inflammatory foods and increases the patient’s awareness of the foods that make them feel sluggish or ill. 

The cause of Inflammation from foods can have many sources. As an example, casein (milk protein) can cause a histamine response. Another example is wheat gluten. Wheat  gluten is hard to digest.  On top of that, wheat now has 40-50% more gluten in it than it did 50 years ago making it more difficult to digest and potentially causing leaky gut. 

Many patients struggle to remove foods with sugar or dairy from their diet due to the food’s addictive effects. As an example,  casomorphins are protein fragments that are derived from the digestion of the milk protein, Casein. Casomorphins  have an opioid effect, which could truly cause feelings of food addiction.  I may suggest an enzyme that will help break down the casein proteins and help patients with their cravings. 

The removal of processed foods, dairy, legumes, grains, sugar, starches and sometimes nightshade vegetables for 30 days allows the immune responses to lower, digestive system to heal, and the body to get proper nutrients. The changes can be profound. If someone has a food sensitivity to one of these foods, the antibodies will begin to reside. This allows the person to add foods back in one at a time so that they may self assess a particular food’s affect on the body. For example, wait three days after eating a single serving of dairy to see any negative symptoms. Once someone has removed these foods, they generally feel so much better that when they do add food back into their diet, they don’t want it as much. 

I strive to get all my patients to a place where they don’t want to eat junk food. My goal is for them to have enough awareness to notice when a food is not doing well in their bodies. This place of awareness starts with eating whole, real foods. My most recommended book for patients “It Starts with Food” which outlines the importance of a healthy diet. There is no replacement for your health like eating real food. 

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