I would imagine everyone is excited to be eating again.  I’ve noticed that food tastes better and my sense of taste is stronger now that I’ve completed the first two days of the detox.  There’s nothing like the real thing!

For breakfast, I had blackberries with stevia and my shake blended with oganic apple juice.  For lunch, I had a salad with organic chicken and fuji apples.  For dinner, I had peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots cooked fajita style with a shake blended with water.  I thought this might be helpful to give you a sample meal plan for a day. Also, try eating nuts for a snack as they require no preparation and are easy to take with you. Many people think it is hard to eat healthy. I’ve noticed that once you make a commitment to eating healthier, it gets easier. It is all about making the right choices upfront.  Plan ahead for the best success!  Choose the meals you like and make them in bulk ahead of time so they are ready to eat at a moment’s notice

You are half way through your detox.  Make the choice to eat healthy every day.  It will make a difference and who knows you may never want to go back!