Congratulations!  You’ve finished your 7 day detox. While we all had a reason for doing this detox, I hope you’ve realized:

• Taking an active role in your health will make a difference.
• Eating right, and choosing to live healthier, is easy if you have a plan.
• Making better choices in your lifestyle can give you more energy.
• The benefits of detoxification:
1. Weight Loss
2. Hormone Balance
3. Increased Energy
4. Healthier connections to food
• The importance of detoxification.

I would encourage you to not let this be a one-time event.  Just like our car needs a periodic oil and filter change, our bodies need periodic times of detoxification to help clean out all the toxins that accumulate in our system as time goes on. Detox is a great way to keep your “filter” clean and to maintain optimal health.  Even if you feel fine, you should consider doing a routine, yearly detox to keep you in good habits of health.  This provides a maintenance that will ensure our body is performing at an optimal level.

Well done! Please let me know if I can be of any assistance as you continue to take care of your health.