Detoxing with Yoga

October 24, 2017 | Naturopathic Medicine

I’m addicted to yoga.  As a naturopathic doctor, business owner, wife, mother, and friend, my life can be very full of both happiness and pain.  When life gets hectic, stress can cause anxiety and weaken the immune system, and if we aren’t careful, toxins from the environment, our food and stress can overwhelm our bodies.  Yoga is a great way for me to reconnect to my body and slow down.  If you are interested in regular detoxing, a consistent yoga practice is a great way to keep up.What is a toxin and how do they affect you? A toxin is any substance or thought that has harmful effects on the body.  Toxins can come from the environment, lifestyle choices, or from emotional baggage such as chronic stress and negative thought patterns.  Overtime, build up can result in:Digestive IssuesElevated CholesterolWeight GainAllergiesSkin DisordersFatigueMuscle, Joint PainAnger, DepressionDark CirclesHormonal ImbalancesPoor Immune SystemInsomniaand Chemical SensitivitiesBreathing is an often … Continued

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Kundalini Yoga: the Yoga of Awareness

June 14, 2017 | Yoga

What is Kundalini Yoga?When I read “The Eight Human Talents” in 2001 by renowned Kundalini Yoga teacher, Gurmukh, I had to learn more. So on a visit to Los Angeles, I stopped into a class that Gurmukh was teaching.  From that moment on, I knew I had found the yoga for me.Kundalini yoga is known as the “Yoga of Awareness.” It was introduced to the West by the Indian master Yogi Bhajan when he arrived from India in 1969.  Yogi believes that everyone has the right to be “Healthy, Happy, and Holy.” Kundalini’s purpose is to expand your awareness and tap into the vitality that already exists inside you. It does this by awakening the energy that resides at the base of your spine (kundalini) by means of postures, intensive breath practices, chanting, and meditation  The latent energy ascends through the chakras (energy centers along the spine) to the crown, enabling … Continued

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