3 Hydrosols from Veriditas and How to Use Them

December 8, 2017 | Hydrosol

What is a hydrosol? A true aromatic hydrosol contains the active properties of pure plant essences suspended in water from the steam distillation process. Hydrosols provide botanical hydration and toning with healing benefits for face, skin and hair. Veriditas hydrosols include micro filtering and UV filtering for an extended shelf life. Due to their delicate nature, please store in a cool, dry place.How to use: Mist liberally on clean skin before moisturizing in your daily AM/PM skincare routine. Revitalize and mist throughout each day. Excellent as hydrating facial toners, they may also be used as a body and haircare product. Gentle and safe, always. Blend hydrosol with your choice of Virgin Plant Oil, Rose Regenerative Facial Oil, Skin Clarity, or other essential oils for added benefits.FrankincenseFrankincense has a resinous, bright, citrus aroma with lasting earthy undertones. This complex essential oil is a base to middle note and blends well with other … Continued

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Top 10 Most Useful Essential Oils from Veriditas

July 21, 2017 | Essential Oils

Whenever ailments pop up, essential oils can help.  From upset tummy to grogginess, there is an essential oil or blend of oils you can use.  Here are our top 10 essential oils for every day uses.  For your skin: Calm Skin DroppsSoothing relief for dry, itchy, patchy skin while gently bringing skin back to its natural balance. Application: apply to affected area 2-3 times per day. If dry, use olive oil, shea or a healing salve after application. Use daily for 1-3 months to help balance ongoing itching, irritation, flaking or redness. A gentle and effective remedy for children and elderly folks.

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Skin Nutrition: Beauty Inside and Out

June 5, 2016 |

The skin is the body’s largest organ. Besides being a protective shell it has many functions such as regulating our body temperature, making and storing Vitamin D, and eliminating toxins. In fact, it is responsible for releasing one third of the body’s toxins. Similar to other organs in our body the skin needs proper nutrition for optimal health.Here are some skin nutrition and supplement tips.Water: For most individuals drinking about 1/2 body weight in ounces of water a day is ideal. Essential Fatty Acids: Flaxseed oil, cold water fish, nuts, omega 3’sVitamin C: Citrus fruits, red and green peppers, tomatoesMSM-Sulfur: Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, eggs, garlic or onions.Vitamin E: Sunflower seeds, almonds, spinachBeta Carotene: Broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, asparagus, peaches, mangoes, cantaloupeVitamin B6: Liver, whole grains, egg yolk, walnuts, avocados.Zinc: Nuts: brazil nuts and pecans highest. Also in pumkin seeds, lentils, garbanzo beans. May help in collagen formation and the … Continued

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Tips for the Upcoming Cold and Flu Season

October 1, 2014 |

Here are some easy tips to stay healthy and what to do if you do get sick this cold and flu season. Please work with your health practitioner before starting new vitamin or exercise programs. We are happy to help with this! Maintain a Healthy Immune System Take a fully buffered Vitamin C (2000-3000mg) daily Vitamin D3 (2000-5000IUs) daily Oil of Oregano or Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Rub on bottom of feet at night Take a probiotic at bedtime NAET treatment for viruses and bacteria including the influenza vial (Call to schedule this gentle acupressure treatment-  (317) 818-1800) Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables (organic when possible) and avoid sugar, alcohol, and overeating Exercise and meditate daily If You Get Sick ImmuCore – 2 tablets 3 times a day or Viracid 1 capsules every 2 hours while awake until blister pack is gone If taking vitamin D3 increase to 10,000IUs … Continued

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The Layers of Holistic Healing

March 6, 2013 |

Looking back at my own healing process I am able to understand the koshas or layers of yoga. The koshas of yoga give us a structure to understand ourselves and others, and provide a map to follow deeply and safely into our true nature. The 5 koshas are annamaya (physical), pranamaya (energetic), manomaya (mental), vijnanamaya (intellectual), and anandamaya (bliss). We are multi-layered, multi-dimensional beings encompassing body, mind, thoughts, emotions, wisdom, and bliss. When patients come to me I see them as multi-layered beings.

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