How to Notice | Sensory Meditation Exercise

July 8, 2019 | Meditation

During the first Introduction to Meditation class in May, a participant asked the questions: “What is mindfulness?  What is meditation?  Are they the same?  What’s the difference?”  Legit!  Mindfulness is the way we hope to walk around in the world.  Meditation is a tool to help get us there.  Since that day, I’ve been thinking a lot about that.  How can we walk around more mindfully?  How can we begin to notice?  There is a sensory meditation exercise that can serve as a gateway to this:  Find a comfortable seat in a quiet place where you won’t be distracted.  Take a few breaths to settle.  Use all the time you need to settle in.  No need to rush this. Close your eyes.  Now, think of your favorite fruit or vegetable.  What does it look like?  What color is it?  Is it round, oblong, small, large, skinny, fat?  Does it have … Continued

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Detox Yoga Flow

March 11, 2019 | Yoga

Join Charlie Dewes for this cleansing yoga practice. The first part of this workshop will include a detox yoga sequence designed to make you sweat as you build strength and twist it out. Massage the internal organs and cleanse the body of toxins with this mindful yoga flow for detoxification and digestion. The second hour includes Charlie’s tips for detox techniques, foods, and more. Charlie Dewes is an RYT 200 HR Certified Instructor with the Yoga Alliance.  Charlie strives to give students a creative practice with emphasis on alignment, body awareness, and self-acceptance.Full Yoga Schedule

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Learning to Breathe

May 11, 2018 | Yoga Philosophy

Pranayama is the yogic practice of breath control. This Sanskrit term is made up of two smaller words; prana and ayama. The term prana refers to the subtle energy that pervades all things. Ayama translated as “to stretch” or to expand. The practice of controlling breath allows us to expand breath capacity and manage subtle energies.Pranayama is also the fourth limb in Patanjali’s 8-Fold path as described in the Yoga Sutras. According to the sutra 2.50 (bahya abhyantara stambha vrittih desha kala sankhyabhih paridrishtah dirgha sukshmah):“Pranayama has three aspects of external or outward flow (exhalation), internal or inward flow (inhalation), and the third, which is the absence of both during the transition between them, and is known as fixedness, retention, or suspension. These are regulated by place, time, and number, with breath becoming slow and subtle.” – translation from SwamiJ.comThe mechanics of breath involve the process of pulling in oxygen … Continued

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Day 7 of 7- Congratulations on finishing your detox

January 15, 2013 |

Congratulations!  You’ve finished your 7 day detox. While we all had a reason for doing this detox, I hope you’ve realized: • Taking an active role in your health will make a difference. • Eating right, and choosing to live healthier, is easy if you have a plan. • Making better choices in your lifestyle can give you more energy. • The benefits of detoxification: 1. Weight Loss 2. Hormone Balance 3. Increased Energy 4. Healthier connections to food • The importance of detoxification.

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Day 6 of 7- Almost there!

January 14, 2013 |

Hopefully with one day to go on your detox you are feeling healthier and more energetic. By now I’m sure you have found a few new favorite recipes from the patient guide. I’ve personally enjoyed the rice and beans and the stuffed peppers. I also juiced this weekend and mixed my shake with pomegranate, carrot, ginger, and apple juice. Very yummy.

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Day Four of Seven – Food Never Tasted So Good!

January 12, 2013 |

I would imagine everyone is excited to be eating again.  I’ve noticed that food tastes better and my sense of taste is stronger now that I’ve completed the first two days of the detox.  There’s nothing like the real thing!

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7-Day Detox Program: 2 days down

January 11, 2013 |

We are in day three of our group 7-day detox. Great work in making it past those first two days. They are the hardest!  I had an extremely busy day yesterday so I actually ate a few pieces of celery in the afternoon and did an additional shake. How did you do?

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