Five Element Acupuncture

November 15, 2019 | Acupuncture

Acupuncture is the practice of inserting needles into the body to activate a change in its state of functioning. You may not know this but there are many styles of acupuncture. These multiple styles were developed over the years as offshoots of Chinese acupuncture.The acupuncture points are the same points used for centuries by the Chinese but the way in which they are combined and used together to treat may be different. As acupuncture spread to other parts of Asia over thousands of years, each area “fashioned” their use of the points. Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and other Asian countries practice unique styles of acupuncture. The Five Element style of acupuncture that I practice was taught by J.R. Worsley of Leamington Spa England. Our approach aims specifically at touching the more intimate levels of human experience, especially the Life of the Spirit, which was one of the original foundations of traditional oriental … Continued

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Nourishing Your Qi During the Winter Months

December 12, 2018 | Acupuncture

“When one stays in the darkness long enough, one begins to see.”  -C.G. JungWinter is a time of stillness and quietude, when nature’s energy has turned in during this most inward-looking of all the seasons. We call it the most Yin of the seasons.  Trees have dropped their leaves, the sap of the tree has retreated to its roots, outward signs of life have disappeared and the landscape can be covered in snow.  There is still work going on, but is in-doors.  In this state of rest, energy is collected and held in reserve.  It’s cold and dark, which are the qualities that preserve and store.  It is this concentrated, internal force of winter that enable a seed to burst forth in Spring.  A time for internal work, we use this season for rest and the filling of our reserves, gathering strength for the year ahead.  Abundant reserves within us … Continued

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The Five Elements of Ancient Acupuncture Treatment

November 9, 2018 | Acupuncture

The practice of Acupuncture began more than 3000 years ago in China when early practitioners observed patterns in nature and theorized that in all of nature is an underling cyclical flow of energy.  The tradition of Five Element Acupuncture is based on the understanding of this cyclical flow of energy- also known as Qi.  The past few blogs have talked about the seasons of Late Summer and Autumn.  How do these relate to Acupuncture?  In all of nature we see five elements expressed.  They are FIRE (Summer Season), EARTH (Late Summer), METAL (Autumn), WATER (Winter) and WOOD (Spring).The Five ElementsEach element exists within the other element and corresponding season.  The elements and seasons remind us that there is no beginning and no end to Qi energy, only change and transformation. However, one of the elements is manifested or expressed more strongly within us.  It is our strength and also where … Continued

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Late Summer’s Energetics – The Season Of The Earth Element

August 6, 2018 | Acupuncture

  Have you noticed lately how the quality of the light during the day has changed? Or that our mornings and evenings are cooler? It is not summer any longer, yet it is not really Fall either – we are drifting into the season the Chinese call “Late” Summer.  In Chinese medicine this is a special season all its own. We are harvesting food from the gardens while we watch and wait for some foods to ripen. This time of year is all about centering, grounding and balance. Late summer provides us some excellent opportunities to nourish our bodies, especially the digestive system.

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