Since I’ve started practicing yoga, I’ve gone out of my mind.  

Of course, some people will suggest it wasn’t the yoga that caused this, but I’m pretty sure yoga has something to do with getting me out of my mind and into my body.  

One of the most-touted benefits of yoga is a greater connection between the mind and the body.  When I first started yoga, I was functioning under the common misconception that a better connection between mind and body would mean that I could get my body to do what my mind told it to.  

I was functioning under the common misconception that a better connection between mind and body would mean that I could get my body to do what my mind told it to.

Remember those commercials for Advil, where the mountain biker suddenly realizes in horror that he is allowing his body to dictate how far he can push himself?  By taking this little pill, the commercial crows, you can be freed of worrying about what your body needs and follow your mind wherever it wants you want to go.  I thought yoga worked kind of like that little pill.  

So far, however, my body has been completely unimpressed with this particular line of reasoning.  What has actually happened as I become more aware of my body is that it has begun to take over.

Out of My Body, Into My Mind: Yoga & the Mind-Body Connection

What has actually happened as I become more aware of my body is that it has begun to take over.

I am not always exactly pleased with what it is telling me. 

For instance, to feel really awake and refreshed, I require more sleep than I find entirely convenient.  With my stack of unread books, my collection of under-visited friends, my un-weeded garden, my un-finished household projects, not to mention all that un-watched TV, where is sleep really supposed to fit into this fabulous modern life I’m trying to live?

If the yoga thing worked the way I’d like it to, I would be able to explain to my body that 9 hours a night just wasn’t working for me, and negotiate it down to, say 6 hours a night. That seems like a reasonable compromise to me.  

Unfortunately, my body seems completely uninterested in this sort of compromise.  

While I can function on 6 hours of sleep, or even less if something really important (like the opportunity to dance until 3am) comes up, my body has ways of letting me know it’s not happy with me.

I don’t know what all my body will have in store for me over the coming years, and I can’t exactly say I’m completely looking forward to all of it.  But one thing’s for sure, I’m certain it will be an interesting journey.  

They say going out of your mind usually is.

Lisa Meece teaches Vinyasa/Hatha every Tuesday from 9:30 – 10:45 am and Yin from 11:00 – 12:15 am.

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